Marketing and Design For A Profitable Outcome

When you utilize the services of Henry Lester & Associates, you will profit from award winning marketing, research, and creative experience. Our website design and writing, graphic design, and marketing capabilities have earned us numerous regional, national, and international awards for marketing, advertising, print design, television writing and direction, and website design.


More importantly, we've created the most profitable outcomes for the clients we serve.

CLIENTs say:

Empire, Inc. Douglas Billings, Vice President

"Our customers love the educational aspect (of our new internet marketing presence) and they have commented on how much more professional we look. That is huge for a company that does business with over twenty Fortune 500 customers as well as doing business globally."

Redfeather Snowshoes Geary Guay, National Sales Manager

"As a person who has been with Redfeather Snowshoes for many years I saw first hand the great things that you did for the brand and they needed to be done.  The programs and improvements you've achieved and implemented have been many."

about Henry Lester & Associates

"Making a difference."

That sums up what we do, and why we do it.

Everyone, and every company, ultimately wants to make a difference, make their "mark", and set themselves apart as "difference-makers". By doing that for our clientele, we are experiencing that for ourselves. We provide the words that express that difference, the designs that show that difference, the voice that speaks that difference, and the plan that makes the difference.

Although we are a small company, we do big things for large companies and small ones alike. From clients who serve Fortune 500 companies nationwide and globally, to locally owned retailers providing services or product to the surrounding community they live and work in, we provide the marketing and creative leverage that makes a profitable difference.


Award Winning. Personal. Profitable. That's the Difference you will experience, with Henry Lester & Associates.

Henry Lester Marketing and Creative Services

Research and Planning The Road Map To Results

No one ever summited Mt. Everest without doing their homework first and creating a plan, before setting out on the journey. We ask the questions, get the answers, and design a plan for profit specifically for you.

Website Design

and Internet MarketinG National Award Winning WOrk, that works

Our internet marketing and website design has been nationally recognized by our peers as being some of the best in the nation. Better yet, our web design and SEO is an entirely new level of customer contact and profitability.

Writing and Graphic Design "Pencil Us In."

If "a picture is worth a thousand words", and "the word's the thing", then why not do both? From writing for video and the web, to catalog, logo and advertising graphic design, Henry Lester & Associates is your graphic designer with a difference.